Tuesday, October 11, 2005

$100,000 Cadillac?

$100,000 Cadillac? I bet you never thought you'd see the day.

However, it's not the planned ultra-luxury sedan that Bob Lutz wants so badly...in this case it is the V-series version of the XLR roadster. It's MSRP is $100,000 including destination (I'd certainly hope!).

The XLR is the retractable hard-top convertible, based on the same chassis as the C6 Corvette. In it's normal trim, it is powered by a 4.6l Northstar V-8 pushing 320hp through a rear-mounted 6-speed automatic.

The XLR-V uses a supercharged 4.4l version of the Northstar that puts out 443hp. Also featured on the XLR-V is an upgraded interior with Zingana wood trim.

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