Friday, December 16, 2005

Autoshow Season - Camaro is coming!

As I'm sure most have you already know, and much to GM's dismay, word is out that Chevy will be showing a styling exercise as the NAIAS that will preview their Zeta Lite-based 2009 Camaro.

Photos of a styling buck as well as some engineering drawings have made the rounds online with GM chasing (almost) them all down and threatening legal action if they do not remove the stolen material from their sites.

Expect the styling of the Camaro concept to be a strong nod toward the classic styling of the late-60's Camaro with a serious dose of modern sleek layered on top. The Zeta Lite chassis is a reduced cost version of the rear-drive chassis that GM decided to not bring to North America as the basis of a line of new rear-drive Buicks and Pontiacs earlier this year.

After much soul searching and, I'm sure, a few sleepless nights wondering how to counter such hit rear-dirve cars as the new Mustang as well as the Chrysler 300/Dodge Magnum and Charger - a way was found (or at least is expected to be found in time for a calendar year 2008 launch of cars based on this platform).

I certainly wouldn't want to traffic in stolen GM property, but you might get a taste of the car they will show if you look around.

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