Friday, December 16, 2005

Autoshow Season - Solstice GXP

Solstice GXPAt this year's Los Angeles Auto Show, Pontiac will debut the long awaited Solstice GXP. This 2007 model will pack a 2.0l Ecotec 4-cylinder with direct injection as well as a turbocharger. GM promises that the GXP will be the most powerful Ecotec equipped car.

Of course, they haven't spelled out if that is the US Ecotec they are comparing against or all versions sold world-wide. If it is the former, they could mean 210+ hp. If they are including world-wide versions, then it would have to pack over 240hp. Given the 'direct injection' mention - it is likely that the number will at or above the higher number.

Expect details early next week as GM is expected to preview details on this and other upcoming models well in advance of the normal LA Auto Show media days on January 4 and 5th.

Now, if they'd just hurry up and get the Sky Redline into production.

See more spy photos at Edmunds Inside Line.

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