Friday, January 06, 2006 spy photos of the next Chrysler minivan has a spy photo, courteous of Brenda Priddy, of the next Dodge Caravan undergoing testing.

Expect, big-brother of Caliber styling with an attempt to get back on top of the minivan feature wars with available all-wheel drive, enhanced stow-and-go seating, a diaper changing table, rear windows that roll down as well as what are sure to be a few surprises. conjectures that the delay getting the minivans to market has been to tone down the styling (perhaps the flop of the Nissan Quest might have had something to do with this). Unfortunately, it appears that DCX has decided that Mercedes is the high-style company and boxy and in-your-face is the look for the 'lesser' brands.

Oh how I miss the high-style days of the Dodge and Chrysler of the 90's.

2005 Chrysler minivan information

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