Saturday, January 07, 2006

Autoshow Season - Ford vehicles at NAIAS

Ford will be announcing at the NAIAS a series of production and concept vehicles that show a decent cross section of the Ford portfolio.

Interesting is how we are now beginning to see (with the exception of the Mustang, which has it's own, stand-alone look) the beginnings of a corporate face across both cars and trucks - if this group is any indication.

Ford Reflex conceptFirst off, is the Ford Reflex small car concept. This car combines the muscular shape of the Iosis concept Ford showed late last year as their new European look with the tri-bar grill treatment that we first saw on the Ford 427 concept and, in production form, on the Ford Fusion.

2007 Ford EdgeNext up is the production Ford Edge utility vehicle. Based on the same stretched Mazda6 chassis as the Fusion, the Edge is a cross-over with no false off-road intentions. It also caries the Fusion's tri-bar grill and sleek lines.

Ford F-250 SuperChief conceptFord also is taking the wraps off the F-250 Super Chief concept. They claim that it is inspired by classic American locomotives, specifically guessed it...Super Chief. Most important, this appears to be a preview of how Ford will incorporate the tri-bar grill into the truck line. Look for something similar when the F-series is next freshened.

2007 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500Finally, Ford will be showing production versions of the Mustang GT500 coupe and convertible. No tri-bar grill here, but the Mustang is enough of a styling icon to stand alone without the corporate face.

Finally, Ford gets that a 'look' that ties all its vehicles together is a worthy goal. Now if someone could just get that memo to Chevrolet.

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