Thursday, January 05, 2006

Autoshow Season - GM shows GMC Yukon XL and Chevrolet Suburban

2007 Chevrolet SuburbanIt should come as no surprise that the new Suburban and Yukon XL are essentially the same Yukon and Tahoe as shown late in 2005 only with a longer cargo area.

But, in the sake of completeness, here are some pictures.

2007 GMC Yukon XLThe only question these bring to mind is why-oh-why does GM still insist on putting the XM/OnStar antenna in the most conspicuous location (right above the windshield) instead of back in front of the hatch where it would be less in-your-face? Oh, yeah, that's right - so they can save the 10 cents per vehicle that the extra wiring would cost to put it back there.

Note to GM - you will not win the battle to make the best vehicles on the road when you still don't have the will to make the best vs. cheapest choice.

Maybe next time.

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