Monday, January 09, 2006

Autoshow Season - New Camry and Camry Hybrid

Toyota's at it again. Just when you thought everyone had gotten to the point of meeting or exceeding the Camry - they go and bring out a new one.

2007 Toyota Camry interiorAt least this time, they seem to have put some of that Lexus mojo into their interior design.

Also of note is the new hybrid version to compete against the Honda Accord Hybrid. However, it appears that Toyota is recognizing that, at least to Camry buyers, hybrid = high fuel economy (vs Honda that thinks that the Accord Hybrid is the hot-rod of the Accord line).

2007 Toyota CamryInterestingly is a modern take on the old 'economy' gauge that was so popular in the early 80' this case a gauge right next to the speedometer and about the size of a tachometer is a needle that gives you instant feedback to what your fuel economy number is (from 0 to 60 mpg). Maybe this little bit of feedback will result in owners getting closer to EPA estimates (no estimates are available right now for the Camry).

In addition to the hybrid, the Camry will be available with a 2.4l 158hp 4-cylinder and a 3.5l 268hp v-6.

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