Saturday, January 07, 2006

Autoshow Season - Oops! Road and Track 'accidentally' unveil the new Camaro concept for GM

Chevy Camaro concept photo from R&T goofJust a few weeks ago, GM threatened legal action to get several photos of the upcoming Camaro concept taken off web sites.

Well, now, let's see if they go after Road and Track for accidentally pulling the trigger on their online coverage of the Camaro concept before GM got a chance to unveil the car officially next week at the NAIAS.

There is an accompanying video that mentions that the Camaro is on the upcoming Zeta chassis (like the next GTO) as well as that the engine would be the 6.0l 400hp V-8 (no real surprises there).

Looks sweet to me.

R&T : World Exclusive: Chevrolet Camaro Concept Video (1/2006)

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