Tuesday, January 03, 2006

More GM Kappa News - SKY Pricing and a Solstice Wagon?

Today, Saturn announced pricing of the 2007 Saturn SKY roadster. With standard OnStar, ABS, Power Windows/Locks/Mirrors, Remote Keyless Entry as well as the air conditioning that Pontiac saw fit to make optional on the Solstice. MSRP for a 5-speed manual SKY will start at $23690 with the automatic equipped version (also a 5-speed) at $24540. Both prices include destination.

Before you start thinking that Saturn is crazy to ask over 3500 more for the SKY than the Solstice need to take a deep breath, head on over to the Pontiac web site, and price a Solstice with the same equipment. The SKY's premium is actually only about $370. More than made up for by the richer interior that the SKY gets vs. the basic interior of the Solstice.

EDAG Solstice WagonAlso in Kappa news - is this odd contraption that should show up in the next couple weeks at the NAIAS. EDAG, a German engineering firm, came up with this variation on the Solstice to both counter the 'not enough cargo space' crowd as well as to evoke, in their words the 'Pontiac Safari' wagons of the 1950's and 1960's. Read about it here.

Looks oddly cool to me.

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