Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Autoshow Season - New Expedition

Ford chose truck country to unveil the replacements for the Expedition and Excursion at the highly renowned Houston (!?) Auto Show.

ExpeditionFord Excursion ELWhat? You heard that Ford had seen the light, and in all their hybrid-loving enlightenment decided to discontinue the Excursion? Well, that's partially true. The Excursion name is no more. Allow me to introduce you to the new Excursion, er...Expedition EL. The EL is to the Expedition just like the Suburban is to the Tahoe over in bowtie country.

This time around, the Expedition twins have butch sheetmetal that resembles a variant of the Superduty pickup much more than a scaled-up Explorer.

Ford ExpeditionYou'll also notice the same 'bags-under-the-eyes' headlight treatment that Ford just unveiled in Detroit on the Ford Edge cross-over. It's distinctive, but certainly not what I'd call attractive.

In place of the tri-bar grill that the Fusion and Edge carry, you'll notice a version of the motif on the Expedition where the bars are aped by the air inlets in this grill. I have to give Ford additional credit for sticking to this theme better than ones past. Let's hope they can at least get the whole line-up refreshed before someone in Dearborn decides to go another route (a la 'New Edge').

Ford Expedition interiorInterior styling appears to be cribbed straight from the new-ish F-150. Not a bad thing at all considering the F-150 has, arguably, the best truck interior in the business.

This may not be enough to knock GM off its full-sized SUV pedestal, but it certainly keeps Ford in the hunt.

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