Tuesday, March 21, 2006

V8 Archie Pontiac Solstice

V8 Archie's Solstice with his V-8 conversionV8 Archie, famous hot-rodder of Pontiacs (previously, he focused on stuffing small-blocks into Fieros) has started working his magic on the new Pontiac Solstice.

For approximately 14-15k you can have him build you a 350-400hp Solstice. He's looking for a few folks willing to have him do the conversion at his Chicago area shop in order to make a video to go with the kit version of this swap as you will see in pages 12+ of this thread from the SolsticeForum.com.

Corvette power, 400+ lbs lighter, all for as low as 35k...all I can say is 'wow!'

Take a Solstice apart with Archie - Pontiac Solstice Forum

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Anonymous said...

Archie no longer does solstice swaps. And it wasn't for $14-15k. He was charging $19k.

For that he would not guarantee hp numbers. He said it was up to the customer to make sure the engine was making the power it should. So after spending $19k with Archie, he wouldn't guarantee the engine swap would perform like it should.

I saw one of his swaps up close and personal. The wiring harness was a complete hackjob. Cut off connectors from the wiring harness, and horrible welds. His exhaust setup was lackluster as well. I can see why he didn't guarantee hp numbers, the engine was probably in limp mode not to mention chocked off from his horrible intake and exhaust designs.

There is a reason why Archie isn't doing solstice swaps anymore. The community didn't want what he was selling

If you are wanting a ls1 in a solstice, go to Mallet or Werks.