Thursday, April 06, 2006

GM fights back against Tahoe bashing in online commercial contest

By now, you've likely heard that GM has received some less-than-glowing entries in its contest to create your own Tahoe commercial at

Several commercials slam the big ute specifically and often GM as a whole for even producing such a beast.

Now, in the GM Fastlane blog, Chevy General Manager Ed Peper has fired back with a fairly reasoned response as well as why they don't think 1. that the Tahoe is as bad as these people say and 2. how them not pulling the faux ads isn't a sign of being asleep at the switch.

Really, it is funny to think that some folks are attacking what is arguably the most efficient of the big utes just because the contest made it easy.

Take a look Mr. Peper's open letter to these folks at:

GM FastLane Blog: Now that we've got your attention

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