Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Keeping them honest - Sky MSRP list

Saturn is a great concept as most people understand it...set a fair price for the car and people don't have to fight the dealer to not get screwed. The dealer makes fair money and people can be less stressed by the buying experience.

You'd think that by adding great product to that mix, that you'd have the best of all worlds...well, that assumes that the Saturn dealers don't get greedy and try to circumvent the 'Saturn Way' in order to make a quick buck (at the cost of their and their brand's reputation).

The Sky roadster is the first example of Saturn dealers trying to do an end-run to pad their bottom line (at the expense of the consumers who might be, after years of being told this by GM and Saturn, lulled into a sense that Saturn plays fair).

Well, one consumer rarely can change this sort of corruption - but one can try to shine a spotlight on the dealers who are playing by the rules.

Over at one of my other sites, the Caddy Edge, we have a Saturn Sky MSRP list (with links to any other known Sky MSRP lists that already exist).

If you know what the policy of your local Saturn dealer is with regard to purchasing a Sky (MSRP?, required add-ons?, accepting employee pricing plan?, etc) then go to the Sky MSRP list at the Caddy Edge and let the world know.

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