Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sky Redline - the search begins

It's really a shame what a little greed does to a good idea.

Right now, I am in the shopping phase for a Saturn dealer that will basically do what most would consider to be the bare minimum for any Saturn dealer - charge sticker price for a Sky Red Line. It seems that most of the dealers, at least locally, are putting questionable 'packages' on all of their Sky's (in stock, ordered, it doesn't seem to matter) and then charging exorbitant prices for them...for instance, almost $4000 for a clear bra and some undetermined 'performance' upgrades at Saturn of Highlands Ranch, CO.

No dealers appear to be taking employee discount, but that is certainly their prerogative. But the high-profit packages, that they require you take are just evil.

That's why I have started putting together a list of dealers and their policies on the Sky over at one of my other web sites:

Here, you'll see that my current options are looking like Saturn of Fort Collins or maybe one of the dealers in Indianapolis (though they already have 60+ Skys on order and are expecting any new orders to be delivered in early 2007).

Congrats to them, though for doing things the 'Saturn Way'.

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