Monday, May 08, 2006

GM Dealers ask for something dumb and GM gives it to them is reporting on a pretty depressing development. GM has sworn that they would get away from badge engineering product (in the modern context - making minor changes and selling the same vehicle under different names)...and we've heard more than once that Pontiac would get decidedly sporty models and more recently that they would not be a full-line manufacturer.

Well, apparently GM isn't strong enough to toe that line...the dealers whined about the loss of the Sunfire coupe and instead of simply telling them that they are now a niche brand that will sell sporty cars...GM caved and is giving them a 'G5' that is little more than a Cobalt coupe with a Pontiac grill.

Maybe they'll show some guts next time when the dealers ask for watered-down product and actually say 'no'. - Pontiac G5 Debuts at Fundraiser

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