Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Kappa-watch - Daewoo version of the Sky?

Daewoo G2XFunny, it seemed that the Solstice was the reason for the Kappa chassis. But, more and more often, it appears that the Sky is the darling of the platform.

Earlier this year, we saw that the 2.0l turbo Sky Red Line was going to be sold as the Opel GT (in fact, the RL had not yet even been officially announced).

Now Daewoo is getting into the act.

While Opel gets only the turbo, Daewoo will only get the normally aspirated 2.4l from the base Sky for their G2X.

What we have here is proof positive what GM has been talking about when referring to the way they plan to leverage their global might without diluting their brands. Daewoo is not sold here anymore (except as entry level Chevy's and Suzuki's). Opel doesn't play here either. Saturn only sells cars in North America.

So, you take one halo car and generate 3. Notice the difference between this and when GM used to slap a different grill on the same car and sell it across the street from one another (if not in the same exact showroom). These cars will never, ever see each other on the street. A German driving an Opel GT will never be reminded at a stoplight that he could have bought the same car at Saturn or, heaven forbid, the Daewoo dealer.

All three brands get a halo car to pull folks into showrooms without the potential negative feelings of the car not being truly special.

This might just work after all.

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