Monday, May 08, 2006

Saturn to Import Opel Astra to replace ION - and soon

The good folks over at All Cars, All the Time are reporting on an Automotive News piece about Saturn. Aparently, rather than waiting for the next generation Delta chassis (Chevy Cobalt, Saturn ION) to replace the current, lack-luster ION, they will do something fairly drastic.

They will take the current Opel Astra (also built on the Delta chassis) sometime next year, and import it to the US with Saturn badging and likely a different name.

Why they can't just build the Astra in the current Cobalt/ION plant is not known.

This will have the unfortunate side-effect of raising the Saturn small-car's price into the 16k range. Quite a jump for folks used to the ION's current $12490 starting price.

I'm with the guys at ACAtT in crossing my fingers that the Astra with the panoramic windshield (that wraps well into the roof over the driver and front passenger - and would be a great sight-seeing car) will make the trip over as well.

Read ACAtT's coverage at:

Saturn to import Astra

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