Wednesday, June 07, 2006

2008 Dodge Caravan spy photos

2008 Dodge Caravan spy photo from How Bourgeois blogThe folks over at How Bourgeois have done it again. This time, we get a peak at the next Dodge Caravan.

These pictures seem to hold true to previous reports that the new Chrysler vans will be a bit more square in their styling (much like the rest of the lineup).

Oddly, in the profile pic, the interior does not seem to match the square roofline (I can see an interior trim panel through the rear quarter window that has a more curved contour than the square disguise suggests). Maybe a trick my eyes are playing on me - or maybe Dodge is the one playing tricks with their camo.

Expect the vans to officially debut in January at the Detroit autoshow.

See all the pics over at:

How Bourgeois: HB Ride Spotting: People Carriers Rejoice (2008 Dodge Caravan)

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