Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Corvette Blue Devil gets a name

*Sorry this story is so far behind...it has been sitting in 'draft' for over two weeks - I just noticed it had never officially published it to the site - Scott K*

Rumors abound about a mythical 'project Blue Devil' within GM. Rumor has this as a ultra-Corvette that would humble even the renowned 505hp Z06 that has been called everything from the best supercar ever (505hp, under $80k does that to some people) to the best performance bargain of all time.

'Blue Devil' would pack a supercharged version of the 7.0l LS7 V-8 and good for at least 600hp. I'd guess recent reports of a 600+hp Viper will cause the Corvette team to try to eek out a few more ponies, if only for bragging rights.

Now there's a new piece to the mystery that should have all the Corvette fans salivating...the proposed real name for the ├╝ber-Vette...

Sting Ray

This is a storied name for a Corvette, but it certainly sounds like this variant of the C6 will certainly do it justice.

Expect an official announcement within a year (possibly at the NAIAS in Detroit in January) with a sticker price in the low 6-figures.

Read about it over at Autoweek.com:

Autoweek.com - Corvette Blue Devil project reportedly now called Sting Ray

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