Friday, June 30, 2006

Euro Honda Civic 3-door

Civic Type-SHonda has unveiled the 3-door version of their Euro-only Honda Civic hatchback, the Civic Type-S.

To our eye, this appears to be a great replacement for the long departed Honda CRX that we haven't had in the US since the 90's.

While Honda has a fairly full line of Civics in the US already (from 4-door sedan, coupe, hybrid sedan, and the sporty Si), I can certainly see a sector of the auto buying public that would love a big brother to the Fit that this 3-door Civic hatchback (and its 5-door sibling) represents. They could even make an Si version similar to the Euro Type-R high performance hatch for those who want more power and room for all their stuff that won't fit in a Civic coupe.

Take a look at more pictures over at Eurocarblog:

Eurocarblog - Honda Civic Type-S

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