Saturday, July 29, 2006

Mazda prices Mazdaspeed 3

Mazdaspeed 3Take the respected Mazda3 and drop in the turbo 2.3l, direct injection 4-cylinder that has found its home in the Mazdaspeed 6 and in the new Mazda CX-7, give it standard airbags all around, standard ABS/traction control/stability control, standard tire-pressure monitoring. Give it a fancy torque management system and standard limited slip diff to keep the 250+hp and 280 lb*ft of torque from overwhelming the front tires (front drive only for the MS3)...toss on some unique front fenders, front and rear fascia, and a neat spoiler at the top of the hatch...give it the Mazdaspeed 6's 6-speed manual, standard automatic climate control, sport seats, and more...and you might expect a pretty steep starting price.

You'd be wrong.

Mazda announced this week the starting MSRP for both the base (Sport in Mazda-speak) Mazdaspeed 3 as well as the Grand Touring trim level (which ads such items as automatic headlights and wipers, Xenon HID headlights and LED taillights, leather seat bolsters, Bose 6-disc CD player, a driver information center, and an anti-theft system).

Starting price for the Sport, including destination is $22800

Grand Touring bumps the price to $24515

Expect these to start showing up on dealer lots in mid-September...also expect to have a hard time getting them for MSRP.

Check out this preview drive over at Edmunds' Inside Line for even more good news:

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