Thursday, September 07, 2006

GM planning Firebird, Fiero, and 8-speed transmission

LLN has scooped us all with coverage of recent trademark filings by GM that suggest that GM is considering a return of the Fiero and Firebird names. We can only guess as to what products they might be attached to, but I'd have to agree with them that Fiero might make a great name to resurrect for a coupe based on the Kappa.

There were rumors before Solstice was officially announced for production that GM had been considering Firebird as one name for the new roadster. It is also likely that they could be reconsidering if their Zeta based coupe should carry the GTO name after the recent bad press from the current GTO's bland styling...or, they could be considering a retro GTO and a more modern styled Firebird.

Also, GM registered a trademark for '8 Speed' for use on a transmission. Expect that wonderful piece of unexpected technology to debut with Cadillac.

Read all about both stories at Left Lane News:

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