Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chevy's Lambda to get Nomad badge

It's unusual, in the GM pecking order, for Chevy to have to wait for anything. However, when it comes to the Lambda chassis (Saturn Outlook, GMC Acadia, Buick Enclave) - Chevy gets to be last.

Word out of Edmund's Inside Line sub-site is that Chevy will correct this in the 2009 model year with their own version of the Lambda crossover. Along with the new crossover (that will effectively replace the defunct Uplander minivan, much as the other Lambda's replace Saturn's Relay and Buick's minivan-esque Rendezvous), they are expected to recycle another classic name from Chevy's past - Nomad.

Nomad, in case you aren't familiar, was used decades ago on Chevy's station wagons, and more recently on a Kappa-based, rear-drive sport wagon concept. So, at least they'd be consistent in putting the name on a utilitarian vehicle.

Unknown is if the new Chevy Nomad will be stylistically similar to the Saturn/GMC version or if GM will do the right thing and differentiate the styling as Buick as done with the Enclave.

Obviously, I'm hoping for the latter.

Check out the Edmund's story at:

IL: Chevy Mulls Reviving "Nomad" Name for New Crossover Vehicle

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