Friday, March 30, 2007

Ford Foose F-150 - a Lightning by any other name...

Ford's SVT group had a long run of very impressive machines - from the Mustang Cobra through the Contour and Focus SVT models.

Of particular fame was the high-performance F-150 dubbed the Lightning.

However, Ford has fallen on hard times and one of the first things to get dialed back was the SVT programs. Now, the only product left is the Mustang GT500, which is more a vehicle to carry the Shelby name than SVT.

Anther casualty was the hi-po F-150...until now.

Ford has entered into a partnership with Chip Foose and the first product of this relationship is the F-150 Foose Edition. Packing a 450hp supercharged 5.4l V-8 (similar to the 500hp version in the GT500 Mustang) - this is the most powerful half-ton F-series ever.

Other changes include customer grill-work, lowered suspension, and 22" wheels w/ Z-rated rubber.

Expect this to be a sign (along with the relationship with Shelby) of how Ford plans to market SVT-type vehicles in the future. Give customers the extra enticement of a famous name label on the special edition products to give them more cache then SVT was able to provide alone.

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