Thursday, March 22, 2007

GM plans 7 debuts at New York show

While news is trickling in of what will come from various automakers at the New York show in April, we do know a bit about GM's plans.

Expect 6 new production vehicles as well as 1 concept to make their world debuts at the NYAS.

Already known of the 6 production cars are the Lucerne and LaCrosse 'Super' packages. LaCrosse is also expected to get a freshening, so it might count as one of the 6 as well.

Also due could be a mid-cycle refresh of the Cadillac STS (we've seen the interior over at already) as well as the expected HHR SS.

The concept is a complete unknown at this point - but this should make for a great cap to the auto show season for the resurgent GM.

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