Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Infiniti names new G Coupe

Okay, the new G35 sedan is a screamer with it's 3.5l V-6 pumping out 300-ish horsepower.

However, there's a new head honcho for the G-line in the form of the replacement for the G35 coupe. Infiniti announced today that it would be going by the name of G37 and, assuming that this isn't just a name change to differentiate and that the 37 means a 3.7l V-6...

We are looking at a significant power boost - figure in the 320 range, at least.

This could also bode well for a new engine or upper model for the 350Z (370Z anyone?).

Of course, this could also turn out to be a turbo model (no support for that, just conjecturing) of the 3.5...which would suggest an even more significant performance boost.

Stay tuned for details.

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