Monday, March 19, 2007

Maybe that _is_ Smart?

As the time for the 2nd generation Smart ForTwo to go on sale in the US come near, we are getting more and more details.

Like today, we find out that the base ForTwo is aiming at a starting price of 'under $12000'...granted, this is sans stereo and very likely also without A/C. The upper coupe will go for around $14k with AM/FM/CD and, I assume, air.

This is a very compelling price for this unique urban runabout (especially here around Boulder, CO where there are already imported 1st gen ForTwo's running around - even after the conversion brought the sticker to $28000...yep, no typo...Folks here are spending over 2x the expected price of the 2nd gen car for the privileged of owning one now).

If you'd like to make your interest official, head over to and plop down your $99 deposit to let them know you want one.

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