Wednesday, July 21, 2010

AutoPacific Ideal Awards announced

AutoPacific survey's owners of vehicles to determine which their owners would change the least (i.e. are the most closely matched to what their owners would consider to be 'ideal').

This year's winners are:

2010 Ideal Premium Brand: Porsche
2010 Ideal Popular Brand and Top Brand Overall: Ford
2010 Ideal Product Segment: Large Crossover SUV

2010 Ideal Vehicle Award Winners:

Passenger Cars:
Premium Luxury Car                   Volvo S80
Aspirational Luxury Car              Volvo V70
Large Car                            Ford Taurus SHO*
Luxury Mid-Size Car                  Lincoln MKZ
Premium Mid-Size Car                 Ford Fusion
Mid-Size Car                         Suzuki Kizashi*
Premium Compact Car                  Volkswagen GTI*
Compact Car                          Volkswagen Golf
Economy Car                          Honda Fit*
Sports Car                           Porsche Cayman
Sporty Car                           Chevrolet Camaro*
Hybrid Car                           Ford Fusion Hybrid*

Pickups, SUVs and Minivans
Large Light Duty Pickup              Ford F-150*
Heavy Duty Pickup                    Ford F-250
Compact Pickup                       Honda Ridgeline*
Luxury SUV                           Range Rover
Large SUV                            Chevrolet Suburban
Premium Mid-Size SUV                 Ford Explorer
Mid-Size SUV                         Dodge Nitro*
Premium Luxury Crossover SUV         Lincoln MKT EcoBoost*
Luxury Crossover SUV                 Lexus RX*
Large Crossover SUV                  Ford Flex EcoBoost
Premium Mid-Size Crossover SUV       Chevrolet Equinox
Mid-Size Crossover SUV               Ford Escape*
Compact Crossover SUV                Jeep Compass
Minivan                              Honda Odyssey*
Hybrid Truck                         Ford Escape Hybrid

*Also winners of AutoPacific's 2010 Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

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