Monday, January 24, 2011

GM Researching Passenger Car Diesel, Mid-size Pickup, Minivan

Now the GM is past the bankruptcy distraction, it appears that management is back to investigating segments that a new, leaner GM can be competitive in.

Before his sudden departure last year, GM boss Ed Whitacre asked the product team to look into a new minivan offering (possibly based on a stretched version of the next Opel Zafira (current generation pictured here), as well as a replacement for the outgoing Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon mid-sized pickups.

On the powertrain front, GM is back to looking at a diesel engine for passenger cars (a technology that should offer hybrid-like mileage numbers without the extra complexity of multiple power sources and complex transmissions.

If any of these projects is close to getting a green light, expect a concept previewing the segment or technology to show up during the coming months' auto shows.

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