Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mazda Mulling Options for next RX

Rumors abound of what Mazda plans for its next flagship sportscar.

Most rumors center on Mazda dropping the 4-seat, 4-ish door model of the current RX-8 - while leaving the people's sportscar duties to the new, lighter MX-5.

What we are hearing runs from the new model being badged RX-9 (though a 2-seater could likely bring back the storied RX-7 moniker just as easily).

Expectations are that the 1.6l version of the rotary that was shown recently by Mazda would help give the new RX additional torque.  Direct injection is likely.  Turbocharging is a possibility (with some rumors of an electrically driven turbo being tossed around - this uses an electrically driven turbine to replace the the normal exhaust-driven setup and giving even more low-speed response...further reducing the need to visit high-rpm and further improving fuel consumption).

Expect a production model to hit in 2013 as a 2014...unless technical challenges prove too much for even the rotary's lone champion to resolve.

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