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I know V-Series and you, sir, are no V-Series…

I know V-Series and you, sir, are no V-Series…
CT4-V (Sport)

CT4-V (Sport)

We have a theory…

Without adequately communicating what is going on with model designations, Cadillac unveiled new “V-Series” trims of the CT5 and the, previously unannounced, CT4 sedans. These are what Cadillac would have previously called “V-Sport” due to their relatively minor upgrades above their respective sport trim. Additionally, the previously announced CT6 V-Sport has unceremoniously been re-labeled the CT6 V-Series.

Cadillac representatives mentioned to press at the unveiling that there would be further V models of the CT4 and CT5 revealed later.

The collective automotive press and Cadillac enthusiast community lost their minds about the new “V-Series” models being pale comparisons to the models they replaced.

Could this be the V4?

Could this be the V4?

On Saturday, Cadillac brought disguised models to the Detroit Grand Prix. These were significantly hotter than the pseudo-V models shown earlier in the week. Which, besides being a ham-fisted launch of a new vision for the V-Series, food for thought about what Cadillac is up to.

Let’s look at the competition for some indication of a direction Cadillac could take.

In BMW-land, the performance trims bring with them names that contain ‘M’. The top models are an M followed by a digit to represent the family of the model. So a 3-series is topped by the M3.

Additionally, a hot model that falls short of the top M# model gets an M Sport badge. This is the inspiration that Cadillac took when they began using V-Sport badging for hot models that were short of the beastly V-Series offerings.

In the land of Mercedes, performance models all are badged AMG instead of Mercedes…which is somewhat unusual. But the models all come with a letter designation for the model family and a two-digit number to denote how high a performance the model offers. For instance the C-class gets both an AMG C43 or AMG C63 performance trims. This deviates from the C300 naming for standard models.

Looking at this for inspiration, we think Cadillac may have decided to diverge from V-Series as a performance flagship name…possibly because it might be viewed as confusing. It is possible that V-Series truly replaces the V-Sport name (which is, itself, confusing for those of us that understood the old naming). But, to top the range, Cadillac may be deciding to simplify the naming significantly. Instead of a CT4-V, what if Cadillac decides to call that new sedan the V4. This would continue to emphasize V as a performance monicker while still telling the world which model the performance trim is based upon. It would also resonate with BMW buyers that expect a performance model to have a short, punchy name like M3 and M5.

This doesn’t get Cadillac off the hook for a ham-fisted way they’ve handled the launch/re-branding…but starts to make a tiny bit of sense.

Here are a few pictures of what we are thinking may be the V4 and V5 models from their time at the Detroit Grand Prix this weekend:


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Saturday, June 15, 2019

Super Cruise to add 70000 Miles of Available Roads

Super Cruise to add 70000 Miles of Available Roads
Existing Super Cruise roadways (green) and additional roads (blue)

Existing Super Cruise roadways (green) and additional roads (blue)

Cadillac began offering its Super Cruise self-driving system as an option on the 2018 CT6 sedan. The system is intended for use on roads which have been mapped using a high-definition LiDAR system (a laser-based equivalent to radar). Originally 130000 miles of roadways in North America were included. All of these are ‘controlled access’ highways (think interstates with on and off-ramps). As part of the system, Cadillac uses a camera to monitor the driver to make for a robust hand-off of control to and from the self-driving system - while without requiring the driving keep hands on the wheel at regular intervals.

Recent Super Cruise news has been the addition of Super Cruise availability on the new CT5 sedan. But, today we have found out that development has not been limited to just adding the hardware to the new model. Before the end of 2019, Cadillac will add an additional 70000 miles of available roadways to the system. Existing CT6 customers will merely need to schedule a visit to their dealer to get the software update - which also includes changes in system behavior that are responses to customer feedback (including causing the car to drift slightly wide of large trucks when passing - rather than staying centered in the lane and making owners nervous about being so close to a large vehicle).

Fortunately, CT5 buyers will be able to get updates to their system in the future via over-the-air updates - though we expect the updated driving behavior and expanded roadway network will be part of their initial Super Cruise version.

See the Cadillac demo video below and the press release at the bottom:

Cadillac is expanding the availability of Super Cruise™1 to an additional 70,000 miles of compatible, divided highways in the United States and Canada. This expansion will make the industry’s first true hands-free driver assistance feature available on more than 200,000 total miles of compatible highways by the fourth quarter of 2019.

To date, Super Cruise has been available on more than 130,000 miles of limited-access freeways. The expansion builds on Super Cruise’s unique combination of precision LiDAR map data, high-precision GPS, a state-of-the-art Driver Attention System and a network of camera and radar sensors. Some of the divided highways added will include limited intersections and traffic control devices. In the cases of railroad crossings, pedestrian crossings, stoplights or stop signs, Super Cruise will alert drivers to take back control of the vehicle.  As always, it remains important for drivers to stay engaged and vigilant at all times while Super Cruise is engaged.

To enable the expanded functionality, an enhancement to the Super Cruise system will be available to 2018 and 2019 model year Cadillac CT6 owners through their Cadillac dealer. Following the completion of the system enhancement, the new, additional map miles will be sent to customer vehicles over the air throughout the summer and fall.

In addition to the mileage expansion, the software update will also include performance improvements, enhancements to increase Super Cruise availability and enhancements to the Driver Attention System.

“We are constantly working to make Super Cruise the most beneficial system for our customers,” said Mario Maiorana, Super Cruise chief engineer. “Expanding our offering of compatible highways will allow people the ease and convenience of traveling hands-free more often.”

Last year, Cadillac made updates to its Super Cruise driver assistance feature based on customer feedback, including making Super Cruise activation easier for the driver and adding dynamic lane offset so that a CT6 with Super Cruise activated can adjust slightly over in its lane for driver comfort when passing large vehicles. Gauge cluster messages were also added, to inform drivers why Super Cruise may be not be available in certain instances.  

Customers have traveled 2.5 million miles using Super Cruise since its launch. Super Cruise is currently available on the 2018 and 2019 model year Cadillac CT6 and will be available on the 2020 model year CT6 later this year. Super Cruise will be available on Cadillac’s all-new CT5 sedan next year.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

From the - Forums are offline

the is our sister-site dedicated to goings-on in the world of Cadillac. Here is their latest post:

Due to rampant attacks by spammers and the load this placed on our server – we have made the decision to take the forums down indefinitely until we come up with a better system for our users’ engagement and communication with each other. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

From the - Cadillac XT5 Spied

the is our sister-site dedicated to goings-on in the world of Cadillac. Here is their latest post:

Over at Jalopnik’s Oppo blog, user saw930 has posted pics of the SRX’s next generation (expected to be badged XT5) during a photo shoot in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.  Showing an SUV take on Cadillac’s latest design language that we’ve seen on the new CTS and CT6. This appears to be quite an improvement to one […]

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

From the - Cadillac CT6 Plug-in Hybrid Version Unveiled

the is our sister-site dedicated to goings-on in the world of Cadillac. Here is their latest post:

As expected, Cadillac is slowly releasing ever greater detail about their new flagship CT6 sedan. This time, we have the long-rumored plug-in hybrid variant.  Combining the best of GM’s electric vehicle technology with a 18.4kWh lithium ion battery constructed of cells similar to those in the recently updated ELR and 2nd generation Chevrolet Volt, dual […]

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